One of my favourite things about January is....The Ilee Letterpress Calendar!

Each January instead of playing mental hurdles and tripping over ideas about resolutions, I find myself excited about revealing the brand new letterpress calendar for the year in my office space. After I set up the calendar, THEN I think about the intentions and modifications I want to make - 3 months at a time! The designer of this lovely gem is Ja Teuber, dear friend and foodie partner in crime. I first met Ja in 2003 when planning for the FAM show since then we have traveled around the country doing shows and gone off on adventures in Thailand - that will be another blog post. Boy, was that a trip!

You can buy this popular and most sought after calendar at her Etsy shop and at fine gift boutiques and stationers around the USA. Ja's sense of whimsy, use of color, pattern and clever details are incomparable! Each page is laboriously printed using a century old letterpress, at times utilizing other techniques such as screen printing or adding gold foil to the embossed pages. Each month is a surprise of hand-painted details and motifs that tell stories. If you ask her why she used flying fish for March 2012 for example, I am sure she will have a story for you :-)

Ilee letterpress calendar 2012

Happy 2012 everyone!