Shamila’s jewelry is impeccably made. Her eye for gorgeous gems makes each piece feel special. The craftsmanship combined with the beauty make them one of my favorite things in my shop!
— Katherine Anderson Seattle, WA Owner - Marigold and Mint
Shamila is so passionate and enthusiastic about her jewelry, as well as so knowledgeable about all the gems, you just can’t help falling in love with her work. The pieces appear simple yet elegant and classic. She will work with you to make sure you get what you want and always responds quickly to all my questions and requests. Shamila, thank you for my 3 layering necklaces and 7 gorgeous rings plus the two I am waiting for!!
— Maggie Szostak Wheeling, IL
I stumbled upon a beautiful display of gemstones, late one afternoon at the Chicago Botanical Garden where Shamila was presenting her jewels. Having never owned a ring, I was immediately drawn to the beauty and artistry of her stacking rings. After chatting with Shamila, one can only feel her sense of pride and knowledge of exquisitely made jewelry with the finest details. I immediately bought 3 stacking rings which I wear regularly. Every time that Shamila is in town, I add to my collection. I now own over fifteen pieces — from rings to earrings and necklaces. Shamila is a true artist; She is very knowledgeable and will not compromise on quality. Her pieces garner compliments each time I wear them. I love her jewelry and am proud to call her my friend!
— Dr. Joyce Spitz Glencoe, IL
The first time I viewed Shamila’s, beautifully designed pieces, I was awestruck at how exquisite each and every piece was. I settled on the stacking rings. They are so classic and versatile, I can wear one, two or all three, each as gorgeous as the other. Her whole line incorporates pieces you can build on. The gem faceting, color and quality is impeccable. She worked closely with me to size the rings perfectly. I get a kick out of sharing her jewelry with everybody’s eyes they catch!
— Claudia Stimpson Seattle, WA
A sensual experience. Gems that could be from India or Iberia, from Turkey or Thailand from London or Lithuania. Colors that enchant. Not just any blue, but cobalt, cornflower, cyan, Prussian, powder and Turquoise blue. Necklaces that warmly embrace my neck, pendants that sit on my heart, earrings that twinkle, drops that dance and kiss my cheek. Growing up my mother always said, long lustrous hair is woman’s best accessory. I agree. Long, lustrous hair and a pair of Shamila’s earrings. Because when I wear hers, I sweep my hair up to let the earrings mesmerize and dance with me as the evening goes by.
— Lavanya Sundararajan Tacoma, WA
I am a client of Shamila’s and I love the color and quality of stones she uses in her work. There is a lot of semi-precious jewelry out there to choose from and I think that quality of Shamila’s stones set her apart from the crowd. I have been to Shamila’s trunk shows and shopped with her personally in her studio and it is a joy for me every time I pick out a new piece with her. Her eye for design and her appreciation for people’ s individual style make her not only a good designer but she also never sells you something that doesn’t look exquisite on you. I have to say that every time I wear a piece of her jewelry (and I have quite a few!) someone stops me to admire whatever it is I am wearing and to ask me where I purchased it.
— Bridget Zehring Seattle, WA
I am over the moon about the beautiful rock crystal quartz and blue topaz bracelet and earrings we designed for my wedding day! Thank you for our creative partnership and for your nimble efforts to source the most exquisite gemstones for my big day. The pieces you created exceeded my expectations—and elicited quite a buzz among our attendees! Your artistry, precision, delight in and vision for each piece you create sets you apart among your peers. I look forward to our next collaboration together!
— Kate Asagari Seattle, WA
I am a new online boutique and Shamila’s pieces were among the first that I selected for my collection. I think her pieces definitely exhibit quality craftsmanship with beautiful materials and exquisite design, and most importantly they are very wearable art. I started with a few of her bold and one of a kind labradorite pieces, and haven’t seen anything similar to her pieces in my travels as I meet and explore the works of many other designers across the country and globe.
— Marcy Roth NYC Accessory Artists
We at PEACE of Mind wanted to express our sincerest gratitude for the amazing support you have given our organization. The one of a kind jewelry you donated for our annual auction was nothing short of stunning. Each piece was exquisite and absolutely beautiful. The attendees at our event have very discerning taste and your jewelry pieces obviously were beyond anything they had ever seen. The desire to own an exquisite piece of Shamila jewelry parlayed a flurry of bidding wars between the attendees. These local style makers knew exceptional style and artistry when they saw it! The highlight and crowning jewel of the evening was the 300 carats of Labradorite Boa necklace and was the highest selling item of our event. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and for helping us protect children through the love and artistry of your work.
— Kim Estes and Sabrina Sessa Peace of Mind, WA
Shamila is a talented artist, capable of seeing the potential in a stone and presenting it in a way that is beautifully and uniquely her own. I had the pleasure of working with her to design a wedding band to complement the rutilated topaz ring my husband picked out from her collection when we got engaged; I love looking at both every day. It means a lot to work with an artist on a special piece, especially when you get to collaborate with a kind, inspired person like Shamila.
— Audrey Lawrence Seattle, WA
Shamila is meticulous and has a great eye for beautiful gem stones.
— Renata Tatman Seattle, WA Lead Buyer / Product Developer Seattle Art Museum, SAM Shop
Shamila is an outstanding example of a true artisan in a world where the term has become almost commonplace. Her eye for uniquely beautiful, timeless design married with the exceptional quality of her materials and craftsmanship result in pieces that are special, luxurious and affordable. It’s a gift to wear her jewelry — even the simplest of pieces make a statement — and to know her. She’s a lovely, warm, energetic presence and her jewelry reflects that in every sparkling facet.
— Debra Music Seattle, WA
Shamila knows her gems: where they originate, what they symbolize, how to wear them. She is an artist and an archaeologist, unpacking the layers of meaning beneath a piece. So when you purchase something that she has designed and shaped, know that it’s both an artifact and a narrative. And it makes a difference. To know that your pendant symbolizes new beginnings. To realize that you carry an ancient symbol for happiness. So you tell others. It’s an act of conscious consumption not a frivolous one, though she certainly knows her glitter, too. Shamila proves the exception to the rule: all that glitters can be gold.
— Leslie Haynes Seattle, WA
Thank You! Thank You! You are so dear to donate to the Miracle House Guild Auction. I appreciate your generosity and talent and the time that you put into your jewelry to make it special. I am sure the jewelry will be a big hit.
— Yolanda Smith Miracle House Guild Seattle, WA
As if the ring weren’t enough... amazingly delicious chocolaty goodness too? What a surprise and treat of course would have been 10x the fun if you would have popped out of that cute little box too, alas. Despite the lack of your beautiful bits shaking up the dance floor, your spirit, love and talent was truly expressed when that ring was perfectly placed on my finger - a super WOW from all. THANK YOU for the ever energetic beats you add to our hearts!
— Andrea Butman Prague, CZ Blue Topaz Engagement Ring Client
I own several of Shamila’s pieces and every time I wear them I get numerous compliments and inquiries as to where I got them. The combination of the delicate beauty of the pieces and the passion that has been put into each design gives these pieces a certain magical quality. I know it sounds cheesy, but I don’t know how else to put it. There is truly something special about Shamila’s work and I have started a tradition of rewarding myself with a new Shamila piece each time I accomplish something important in my life. When I am looking for a special gift for someone she is also the first person I usually go to. I have also seen firsthand the care Shamila takes in selecting her stones, metals and components and I don’t think I have ever met anyone so meticulous and selective. Shamila is a joy to work with and I look forward to her future collections.
— Jeannie Oliver StyleLab Seattle. WA
I now own two pair of Shamila’s exquisitely designed earrings – her magnificent 22k Gold Green Onyx and 22K Gold Hand-cut Citrines. Shamila has taught me so much about stones and the differences in quality, color and cut that I can no longer accept anything less than perfection. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that when I wear Shamila’s designs. Every pair/style is a true showstopper and guaranteed to make me feel special. Shamila’s eye for beauty and style assures me that I not only have a beautiful piece of jewelry, but have made an excellent investment as well. All of Shamila’s gems carry a mystical story with meaning and one of a kind beauty.
— Kellie Mason Seattle, WA
Shamila truly understands the concept of giving back to the community. Her jewelry designs are not only exquisite, they inspire! Her jewelry trunk show, a fundraiser for our non-profit organization, inspired so many to “shop for a cause” and many young people will benefit. From all of us at Power of Hope, Thank You! You are a beautiful person, and it truly shows in your amazing jewelry. Your generosity is inspiring.
— Mark, Danielle and Joey Power of Hope
Shamila is a delight to work with, and I have found her to be genuinely warm and eager to share her wonderful jewels. I have been fortunate enough to be the proud owner of a number of her beautiful stacking rings and I’m so thrilled with each of them! My husband commissioned a one-of-a-kind piece and was able to work closely with Shamila to create a unique large topaz ring that is gorgeous. It’s such a beautiful ring and I love knowing all the details! It was truly a wonderful surprise, and all the extra treats were delightful. You are so thoughtful!
— Jill Sandberg Barrington, IL
Jewelry and gemstones are more than mere decoration to me. Stones have mystical and healing properties. Shamila’s jewelry really shows an understanding of that. She chooses the finest stones and the settings reflect a spiritual connection. The first time I saw her at a trunk-show and met her in person, I was moved to buy a beautiful Rutile Topaz ring in an ancient design. I look forward to buying more in the future for myself and others.
— Robin Romeo Seattle, WA
Shamila’s jewelry—and her business—are infused with her remarkable sense of style and creativity. More than just a designer, she is a powerhouse of productivity. Her work is more than just beautiful...it is a true reflection of everything a modern woman in a modern world can be.
— Adam Himber Parlay Studios New York, NY
Shamila you are a true artist - finding inspiration from life around you and translating it into beautiful pieces that tell a story or capture a place. Your vision plus attention to detail and thoughtfulness about the materials make your pieces one of a kind. I cannot wait to see what inspires you next!
— Erica Engin San Jose, CA
Shamila’s rings are amazing - like little works of art! I can really feel the love that went into the creation of her pieces. The craftsmanship is superb and I always receive compliments whenever I’m wearing Shamila’s jewelry.
— Anonymous Honolulu, HI