A new stockist for Shamila ~ Fine Jewelry, Manika on Maiden Lane in San Francisco, CA

Last October was spent in the Bay area on several back to back trips. Being in the Bay area, is really one of my favourite places to be in the US. Incredible weather (for the most part), gorgeous landscapes and vistas, inspiring shopping and cuisine but most importantly the general buzz and vibe in the City and in the environs. Love it.

I will be featured at Manika Jewelry on Maiden Lane. Maiden Lane is a gorgeous, pedestrian only street just blocks from some of my latest and treasured haunts in the City: The Ritz Carlton, Cafe De La Press and all the incredible boutiques on Grant Ave. I fell in love with the quaintness of Maiden Lane over a decade ago and since then have fantasized with the idea of showing my work there, so it is really quite a treat to be featured at Manika!

Manika will carry pieces from my Luxe collection such as the Harem Stacking Rings, Cosmic Cocktail Stacking Rings, Bold Honeycomb Facet Earrings and Diamond Talisman Necklaces. They even have a pair of the gorgeous Green Onyx and diamond earrings which were featured on the red carpet at the Emmys.

If you are in the Bay area, I encourage you to check out Manika and to delight in their well curated collection of fine designer jewelry.